Monday, July 18, 2011

Tracking Devices Versus Divining Rods

Missing: 1 small silver thimble. 
Sad quilter misses it. 
Contact me at this blog if you locate it. 

One of the problems with having a cluttered home is frequently losing items.  Additionally, one of the problems with decluttering, is remembering where one puts items that were previously cluttering, say, their cozy sewing nest. I have been happily making pin cushions and hexies this weekend. Then, it started. First, my pinking shears disappeared.  I think he took them:
Then, my thimble. The sewing one, not my gray, furry sewing supervisor.

In my house, I am the only female with a uterus. (Sorry to do that to you Thimble, but we just didn't want any other little baby Thimbles.) One of my favorite stand up lines, comes from an early bit by Roseanne Barr, where she complains that her family seems to think her uterus is a tracking device. I relate to this, because I seem to have the same problem at my house. "Mom, where is my..."; "Deb, have you seen the...".   I suspect you may have experienced this at your home also.

As, Big Boy has gotten older, he has gotten pretty good at locating items. He claims it is because he has a "divining rod."  Therefore,  we now have contests to vie for which is superior.
Big Boy in search of lost item...
 Most times the GPS/Uterine Tracking Device usually wins.  I guess that is the way Mother Nature intended it.

Sit back and enjoy a little old school Roseanne Barr which I hunted down because it makes me giggle. It is from her early days when she was only mildly caustic...

Meanwhile,  I will be activating my uterine tracking device to see where the heck my thimble and pinking shears have relocated themselves.

And to quote Roseanne, "poke me with a fork, I think I'm done!"


  1. It's because moms are the smartest! Hope you found your thimble!

  2. Too funny... do hope you find your thimble. I can see scissors "walking off" but a thimble?

  3. Funny, we can always find their things, but have the hardest time finding ours, why is that?

    your frind in stitches


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