Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clean Machine

I am starting feel like the this blog should be called "True Confessions of a Cluttered Quilter"! Yes, I am once again baring my soul. This time it is about cleaning my machine, Berniece.  I have been lectured by a number of quilter/sewers (you know, the ones who consider themselves part of the Quilt/Sewing Police?) about caring for my machine. I am VERY fortunate Berniece is a sturdy machine and has put up with my neglect. She has good Swiss genes, she tells me or maybe it was she makes good Swiss jeans...I don't remember which now. 

While reading one of the fabulous blogs I follow...and my middle aged Swiss Cheese brain can't remember WHICH blog.  I apologize in advance for not giving you proper credit. If you are one of my followers, please leave me a comment so I can edit this and give you credit!! Okay...back to topic....clean machine. I was reading a blog describing a thrifty EASY way to clean ones machine after using it. I can no longer find the nifty brush that came with my machine, and I think this method is better because the dust STICKS to the devise. What could this miracle of  humanity be? Why, it is a straw and a pipe cleaner!! 
This is my new Super Hero:  Pepe'; come to rescue Quilters of the World from the Evil Villain, Dusty Machine

My new friend, as you can see by the picture, I have named "Pepe'."  To make Pepe',  one needs a straw. I chose one with the "bendy" ridges so I could get into the angles of my machine. The original post actually calls to use one of those plastic "stirrers" for coffee that one gets at restaurants, fast food places, etc. I prefer the idea of a bendy straw.  And  a pipe cleaner ( or they are also called  chenille stems).  They are available at any craft store in every color under the rainbow.

I chose purple. It's my favorite color! 

 If one decides to use the smaller  coffee stirrer, only one pipe cleaner is needed. If one uses a straw, then two pipe cleaners/chenille stems are needed. 

This is a really complicated tool...so follow carefully. Cut the pipe cleaner(s) in half. Fold each cut half in half.  Stuff the UNFOLDED ends in the straw/stirrer. Leave about 1 inch sticking out. If using the bendy straw, you will be stuffing both bent stems into the straw. If using the smaller stirrer, then just one folded half will fit in the opening. 

Taa-Daa!!  Pepe' in his Super Hero Disguise! 

As my picture demonstrates, the dust really sticks to the chenille stems. Can you guess which one I used to clean my machine?  And this is after I had given it a good cleaning only about a week before. I won't talk about that cleaning except to say,  I had not cleaned my machine in well over a year and there was enough dust to fill a small pillow (slight exaggeration...but you get my point!). 
Pepe', before and after fighting Grime...er, Crime
I am not the Sewing Machine Police,  but Berniece is my friend and I want her to keep sewing for many more years. Since her and I are both reaching middle age, I know it's more important than ever to keep our moving parts in working order. I think Berniece's new friend Pepe' will help. Now, if Berniece  would just find me a new friend  Pepe' to keep my moving parts working.... 
Umm...excuse me, Pepe, but you want me to put what where?  Berniece!!!!!

Still trying to keep my pieces together,


  1. Probably a good thing you lost your brush that came with your machine, I mean they aren't much good anyway! My Bernina dealer uses the pipe cleaners on her machine and when I get home I am going to start using them as well. You would think with as much as we pay for a machine they would give us a better brush!!

  2. The pipe cleaners in the bendy straws thing is BRILLIANT! It's about time to clean my trusty aging Bernina and you can bet big $$$ I'm going to use your trick! I have both pipe cleaners and straws in the house!

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!!!

  3. Ooh, this is so funny and useful! I always struggle because my Miss Bernina hates dust and if I don't clean her enough she will go on a rampage and spit pieces of thread and ripped fabric everywhere... *shudder*


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