Saturday, July 30, 2011

Congratulations, Ms. Cluttered Quilter...You're A Mother again!

Yes! I am the proud Mama, of my own Go Baby Fabric Cutter!!

 And I had SO much fun cutting fabric yesterday!!  I bought the dies for the 5 inch squares (charm squares) and the circles. The circle die was an impulse decision for which I am VERY happy I made.  As others have noted, the one draw back to the cutters is fabric waste. I discovered, that when I fold my fabric to be about 6 inches and then run it through the cutter, there are are left over strips...but they look perfect for making string quilt blocks. (Like I needed more strings!!)  At times,  there will be pieces of uncut fabric left over which  are bigger than the strings. I discovered the medium and small circles make quick work of those pieces.  

I am so happy with my Go Baby, that it's tempting to have a "Baby Shower" and invite all my quilting friends over and take turns cutting up fabric...and then let them take home their favorites!! Hmm...a good de-stashing idea! Or if I had more friends who had the Go Baby, we could EACH bring our cutters and stash...and swap our cut fabrics!! Wouldn't that be fun? 
I do have one confession about my Go Baby cutter. It reminds me of a variation of a Jack-In-The-Box. My son, Big Boy, and I have taken to singing the song "Pop Goes The Weasel" as we turn the handle...only we have changed to the words to "Pop Goes The Charm Square" or "Pop Goes The Charm Circle"!! 

And my other reason for celebrating? 

I will be rejoining the work force as a SOAR Benefit Specialist, assisting homeless people with mental health problems to apply for SSI/SSA benefits. It should be an interesting adventure! While I know it will mean less time for quilting and blogging, it will also mean more income to support my fabric habit. 

I hope you find reason to celebrate as you go through your weekend! And, maybe throw in a little decluttering while you are it. It's nice to be able to have a flat surface to work on while sewing. Trust me. I know. I have very few of those in my home. They all seem to attract stuff. My theory is gravity surges in certain areas of my house.

Carpe Diem! 



  1. *chuckling* the cartoons, esp the one about scattering his ashes at the fabric store!

    Congratulations on both the new job and the Baby GO! cutter! Lots of excitement at your house...

  2. Congrats on getting a job!! Glad you like your Go cutter. I have tried to win one about a thousand times. I might have to break down and buy one, one of these days!


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