Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Havin' A Heat Wave...

Me, keeping cool during the  heat wave.

If you are in the USA, you may be aware the Midwest is going through an intense heatwave. As I type, it is about noon. The temperature 93 degrees  and  the heat index is 109. No way I'm going outside today!!  It has been a perfect day to bond with my machine and browse my favorite blogs. 

It starts with a giggle from Becky, The Civil War Quilter  and her adventures yesterday. She was just trying to do what needed to be done before the heat set in yesterday.  Feel free to roam around her site...she has great quilts!! 

And then I went on toThe Empress of the Universe or How I Learned To Quilt On The Internet . Impera Magna has been busy chain piecing, but she sent me to Julie at Me and My Stitches  . Oh what a naughty site...the good kind of naughty!! 

Aren't these pendents gorgeous? 
Julie is having a give a way! Head on over to her site to learn the details. I'm hoping I win...but if one of my followers wins, I will be almost as happy!! 
One of Julie's original patterns
Pendant and Matching Earrings
For my friends in the Midwest,  keep cool and don't over do it!  For my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, stay warm and snuggle under those quilts!  And no matter what the weather, it's always a good time for quilting...be it actual sewing or perusing the Internet for inspiration! 

Courtesy of Google Images
Still looking for my pieces (I know I put them somewhere....)


  1. I hope you are able to stay cool. Me, I'm sitting under the A/C with the ceiling fans whirring away.

  2. One can get up to so much mischief on the interent...


  3. I keep telling myself......I promise to never complain about the cold again. I must have repeated that line a dozen times in the last two minutes! I guess I am not a lady either, a hankie dabbing my forehead just isn't cutting the mustard, because I am sweating like a pig!!!

    your friend in stitches


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