Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2: The Decluttering Continues. Oh, And Some Pretty Flowers.

Bee on Bee Balm
Tuesday was not as productive in my family room as Monday.  I am what Flylady   calls a "SHE. "Sidetracked Home Executive".  My morning started great.  I got up and got dressed to the shoes.  Then,  my 16 year old son Big Boy and I went to Lauritzen Garden and did some power walking and power gawking.

 Remember that brain interfacing problem I mentioned yesterday? For weeks, I have been trying to come up with a workable, no/low cost plan for me to exercise.  I know, strap on those shoes and head out the door. But I don't.  Jump on my bike. But I don't.  I didn't know when I got my "cruiser" style bike  they don't have the same type turning radius. It drives me nuts!! The cure, it seems would be to simply get new handle bars (I am told.) But, that takes money. Why worry about the turning radius? Because I have wiped out trying to turn my bike at the end of our street. I mean completely...on the ground...gravel in my palms & knees...not sure if I broke something...almost lost bladder control type of wipe out.   Back to brain interfacing. As I am merrily skipping through the gardens on Sunday, despite it being like 120 degrees (okay, slight exaggeration...but with the humidity it was HOT.) I felt energized and good. That's when my brain finally interfaced. I HAVE A MEMBERSHIP  AT THE GARDENS. I CAN COME HERE ANYTIME I WANT. IT WON'T COST ME A CENT.

I had planned to declutter this tiny nest:
Lap top is usually located on top of those papers.  Must have  been in  use at that time! 

But, instead, I went and got a new hair cut. My first in many months. I will spare you the picture...but it is  a cute, short bob. I love it!!

By then, it was  time to take Big Boy to his Big Boy school (taking classes at local community college). Came home, started dinner.  And before I knew it....I was decluttering my kitchen counters. So much for the family room.

Today is Wednesday.  One Flower Wednesday, to be precise.  Join Karen over at Journey of a Quilter.   She sponsors this great floral display! While you are there, enjoy the gardens of all the quilters in the comfort of your own home with just a click of your mouse. This is actually my "blooms" from last week when my camera wasn't working.  Then nice thing about hexie blooms, they last and last. And they don't need watering.

Just a half bloom, but the edge of the flower bed. 

My blooms trying to sneak into my actual flower bed. 

I hope Wednesday is more productive...but it isn't looking like it is going to be!!

Keeping the pieces together!


  1. Nice flowers. I love your blog!

  2. Nice colours and the blue hart in the middle looks so pretty.

    Gr Annemieke.

  3. You are inspiring me with your decluttering project... I'm eye-ing closets and tabletops around here.

    Love your hexie flowers... I have the feeling I'm going to cave in the near future... *lol*

  4. Half of a very lovely bloom! And, the Gardens sounds like the perfect place for a walk.

  5. I loved reading your blog! Decluttering is too boring when you can visit an actual flower garden!


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