Monday, July 11, 2011

Now For Something Completely Different

This Sunday, I did something completely different. No sewing. No decluttering.  After a week of one techo glitch after another, the Cluttered Quilter family took a trip out into the wide, wide world.  But first! My camera is healed! We took it to a specialist. I learned (even without ruby slippers) that just because a USB cord LOOKS like it will fit into your camera's port, does not mean it actually does. It seems I bent the prongs inside my camera's port (I guess that's what your call it). This meant, I could not charge my camera. I also learned, that there is more than one way to charge a camera.  I could purchase a universal camera battery charger to charge the lithium battery inside my camera. The choice: Spend $29.00 at Target for a battery charger or $179.00 for a replacement camera? Cue Jeopardy music. You guessed it! I now own a universal camera battery charger! 

Waa-hoo! She did it!! 
For our grand adventure, we drove across the Bellevue Bridge to view the Missouri River flooding.  It left me awed. 

Soccer fields at Haworth Park

See the teeny white half moons? Those are the back boards of basketball hoops. Interested in a little  game of   Polo HORSE? 

Then,  we drove back to Omaha to visit Lauritzen Gardens to view "Outside Kaneko."  It was great! 
The sculptures are massive and wonderful! 
We did a little public planking: 
Babbling Brook Planking. 
It brought out a little of my own Inner Monty Python:

The Therapist

The Heist

And, in case you are worried that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about quilts...the sculptures helped me to look at things "completely differently"---how can you NOT find quilterly inspiration when you look at these? 

I'm  glad I had a chance to enjoy time with my family on Sunday. Today is bringing goals. Tomorrow I hope to post before and after pictures of part of my family room nest in an effort to get this Mama Turtle to move at a little faster pace!!  The sooner I declutter...the more time I will have to quilt and sew!! 

Until then, try "something completely different" and see what happens!  Or to quote another 70's phrase...
Try it! You'll like it!!
Still trying to keep her pieces together,



  1. I haven't been there...but looks like I need to! Great photos!

  2. The art looks pretty cool. Good luck with the family room.


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