Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Crown for The Queen Of Clutter

Ahh,  The Queen of Clutter Seems Troubled 
Maybe it's the heat, but this has not been a great week for me. Last week, I felt like I was really making progress on my goals. This week,  I'm hot and sweaty and crabby.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Running as fast as my little fat, fuzzy legs will take me and not getting any where.

I did make a few pincushions for my new ETSY site, Prairie Zen .

This pincushion can hold your sewing notions inside, has a handle for your embroidery scissors on the outside and the pin cushion in the lid. 

This teeny-weeny pin cushion has a cheerful  bird to guard your pins and needles.  

This sly kitty has a secret. Pull on her bead chain and her  pin cushion pops off . Inside, you can stow your precious notions and Hershey's chocolate kisses. 

These two kitties in a basket also share the secret of the  bead chain. Underneath their felted wool  pincushion is room for sewing notions or this week's lottery ticket. 

This vintage planter of a wise Asian farmer  will hold your  sewing notions in his basket underneath the pincushion made of a salvaged antique quilt remnant. 

My One Flower Wednesday hexie, is still in petals needing to be sewn together. But, go visit the other flower's at Journey of a Quilter, I'm sure they are blooming! 
Please! Sew me!! 

Queen Victoria isn't sure she is happy about my recent coronation.  Read on. 
And,  to add insult to injury, I went to the dentist today after losing a filling. I knew the news probably would not be great. I could tell by the size of the cavity remaining, that the dentist may come across Alice and the White Rabbit in that hole. Yes, the cavity is too large to just needs a crown.
"She's not gettin' my crown!!"
Honestly, some monarch's are soooo stingy! Couldn't we share it? :)   
And, if I  begin to experience pain after the crown, that means I will also have to have a root canal. UGH.
Do you think I can get these over the counter at Walgreens? 
I am fortunate to have a good dentist, but this is one crown I could do without. Do you know how many fat quarters I could buy with this? About 150.  I am thankful to not have to be toothless. But 150 more fat quarters would be much more fun!!

Ah...aren't these prettier than a silly  dental crown? 
I hope you are keeping your pieces together better than I am this week! This cartoon gave me a chuckle...I thought I would pass it along...

Deb :) 


  1. Awe sorry about the tooth - nothing sucks more than when teeth start to act up!!
    Pretty flower! Great job!

  2. funny little pincushions :-)
    thanks for visiting my blog !

  3. What an entertaining blog.
    You ve made such cute pincushions and it looks like you'll soon have some beautiful he is flowers blooming.

  4. Don't feel bad, I feel very hot and crabby myself! Yesterday I was forced into my bedroom with the air conditioner because of the awful heat, and today it is going to get worse. If I want to be productive I have a definite time limit, starting, now! Keep up the good de-cluttering, and I really love your pincushions!

  5. I was at the dentist yesterday... I can so feel your pain both literally and figuratively. But it's over and done with...

    Love your pin cool!

  6. Your pin cushions are so cute. So sorry you have to get a crown. I am with you I would much rather have the fabric.

  7. A great post! And, I'm hot and sweaty and crabby too!!!!!

  8. I just love all your adorable pin cushions. Ice on your neck will help keep your body cool!


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