Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 3: Decluttering Babysteps

I accomplished one more small goal last night. Remember this? 
Cluttered Quilter's Nest. I'm too embarrassed to let you see the floor around it!!

Well, now my nest looks like this:
Why yes, there IS room for the lap top now!

And this: 
BTY,  I changed lamps.  I took the old shiny  gold lamp and exchanged it for a black 50's lamp of my parent's  I have been storing it in the garage. Isn't the lamp shade great?  Even better,  I went shopping from my "stash" and it didn't cost me a cent!! 

I like it. I like it a lot.  

Flylady calls it taking babysteps.  I keep reminding myself the family room/sewing room/house did not become cluttered overnight and it will not become uncluttered overnight. I am starting my small routines. 
1) No mail on my flat surfaces--ie: the TV tray I use as my mobile cutting table or the desk. People in the house have been warned. Those are NOT mail drop off stations!! 
2) Keep my end table cleared of stuff. This IS my problem. I remind myself hourly at this point! Currently it looks so pretty, I am doing a good job guarding it!! 

Benefits, other than having a nice place to sit and hand sew, read, do my crossword puzzles...oh, and read the 

1) I found fifty cents! Yup. Two quarters. All mine. Saving through decluttering, I might uncover enough loose change to buy a fat quarter!! 

2) I hope to no longer suffer from "CHAOS": Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome! I can invite friends to my house and sew together. 
Just me and a few of the gals! 
Enjoy your weekend!!  I am going to sew a few One Flower Wednesday blooms, a few pincushions for my new ETSY shop, Prairie Zen and who knows what else!! 

FINALLY getting my pieces right sides together. I hope yours are doing the same! 


  1. Hey, why wasn't I invited...I'm an old fashioned girl!

    Glad you are getting things uncluttered. It is a good feeling to get things organized. I have to do it every so often. I tend to keep all the fabrics from a project together until it is finished, then I might start another while they are still waiting around, so pretty soon I have a pile...sometimes they are in plastic tubs, or just piles.

  2. Congratulations on your decluttering progress... looking GOOD!

  3. One step at a time and change those steps if you must. I have found as an organizer, what works for me, may not for the entire family. One rule we have is we open mail next to the recycle trash so junk mail, catalogs, etc. so straight to the trash. I have a small portable file on my desk with folders that say: 'to do, to file, to mail!' It is all about what works for you without stressing about it! The area is beautiful!


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