Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slow Progress

While I can't vouch for my where abouts lately, I can tell has NOT been cleaning my family room. 

Deb, I told myself (that is my name): you have been working on this silly room for days. Why is it not done?  The answer is quite simple.  "Those" people I live with  (aka: my family), keep finding other stuff for me to do.  And It really doesn't take much to get me off track. I did fill one black garbage bag with trash...and part of my youngest son's childhood. I went through the HUGE stack of school papers I had saved over the last 10 years and winnowed it down to fit in one file box. 
A School 1 neat file box!

Monday, it cooled off enough (if you call temps in the 90's cooler...) that I decided to "declutter" my front porch. Granted, there was no sewing stuff there...but it really needed it. All this heat/humidity has left countless spider webs & dead bugs everywhere. I took EVERYTHING off the porch. Swept it.  I swept the floor and the walls! Then, my son Big Boy hosed everything down and I swept the water off the porch. 
Ahh...a nice place to relax again. 
The porch  needed more plants, so Big Boy and I drove to Menards and found a few begonias (for .85 cents/six pack!)  and I planted them in the wall hanger. I also planted a lavender plant I bought last week and put it in a pot. I hope it adds some aroma to the porch area. Ahh, Life! 

Tuesday found me preparing myself for a job interview.  I think I did hopefully I will no longer be among the unemployed.  

But, I couldn't forget One Flower Wednesday.  Here is my growing bouquet.  Thank you Karen at Journey Of A Quilter  for sponsoring this.  If not for One Flower Wednesday, I wouldn't have gotten ANY sewing done! 

Okay, maybe it is Two Flower Wednesday
Have a great rest of the week. I hope to be more productive. I WILL conquer my family room.  From there...I will be moving onto an even bigger project. My basement full of fabric. 

Still puttin' my pieces together, bit by bit,
PS:  Check out my newest pincushion on my ETSY site, Prairie Zen   .
Asian Gentleman Pin Cushion


  1. Two nice flowers you made and the pin cushion is lovely.

  2. Your porch looks very comfy and your newest pin cushion is really cool.

  3. Like your hexie flowers in the garden. I think you've been very productive...the dust and clutter in my house grow faster than my garden! Good Luck with the job.

  4. Please send some energy my way, I need to get some cleaning done! Beautiful two flower wednesday.

  5. Wow, Deb!! Sounds like you have been really quite busy!! Good luck on your job search!! Your hexies are darling ad I love your Prairie Zen pincushion!! Kris

  6. Lovely flowers!
    Good Luck getting the Job :)

  7. Two sweet flowers! I love them setting on you de-cluttered porch and adore your teapot planters!

  8. Beautiful flowers and I hope you got your job.


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