Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Snicker & Stuff

Hi! It's been a slow week for me.  I've been home for the most of the last week, sick with a flare up of ulcerative colitis. Consequently, not much decluttering has been accomplished. I've done a lot reading lately. I read two books by John Sanderford.  I think I may be starting to turn into a "Virgil Flowers" groupie. Is it possible to be a groupie to a fictional character?

And this book by Lauren Belfer. 

I did complete one hexagon flower. 
Pretend there is a picture of a lovely green & black hexagon flower here!! 

And today, I went to my youngest son's school band Holiday Concert.  I love that Tuba-boy of mine! 

And now, a few snickers to get you through the next week...

If my cat could, I have a feeling she would do this to our neighbor's dogs who bark  incessantly at her!

Whew, thankfully THIS is not part of my clean up tasks! 

And, as I am still continuing to get my family room decluttered to the point I can invite people over.  It will happen!!  I am determined!!

On that optimistic thought,  I shall return to my tasks...and hope to report success the next time I post! 


Monday, December 5, 2011

Food For Thought

Why does it seem like the more I clean and declutter, the more I discover that needs to be cleaned and decluttered in my house? 

If anyone figures this out for me...please let me know!!

Still busy as a turtle,  


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Snickers

I wandered around the internet this week...and found these cartoons which gave me a chuckle.I hope you like them too. 

For my fellow blogger, Jean, over at Jean's Quilting Page, some chuckles to celebrate her new kitty! 

Okay, this is not for the squeemish...but it's always been my favorite Kliban Kat cartoon.  I don't know what it says about me, except I have a very odd ball sense of humor! 

In the case of my cat, who is long, skinny and gray with brown,  the drawing would have to be entitled "How to tell a cat from a moldy banana."
 This is also a weekend of birthday celebration for my family. Sunday is my youngest's 16th birthday. He's such a handsome guy.  His nick name is Pflager Turtle, so this next cartoon is for him: 

And, in a few more will be my birthday!  

I can't believe they caught me working out in my new purple polka dot leotard!! 

Enjoy your weekend, I hope to do some more decluttering to report on this week and maybe some hand sewing! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Preparing For The Feast

Thanksgiving is approaching in the U.S.A. 
Somehow, I have a feeling the original Pilgrim ladies didn't have this much pressure with the first Thanksgiving.
You'll notice they celebrated OUTSIDE. Which means no  housecleaning!

So it didn't involve this!

Or this!
But,  The Cluttered Quilter has been working at her usual "busy as a turtle" pace and I have adopted the mantra:

Even though I have been a sporadic blogger of late, I have been decluttering.  I didn't take pictures of everything, however, here is a sampling of my "stuff" I have sent out into the universe to be appreciated by someone new.
Box of assorted "stuff"

A woven satchel that I decided I really don't need. So, I filled it with more STUFF and gave it to the thrift store.  

I learned the Day Rehab. portion of the mental health agency where I work has  knitting and crochet classes,  so I boxed up my old knitting and crochet magazines and some of my excess yarn stash and gave it to them.  I am happy to know they will be enjoyed and appreciated by people who probably can't afford the magazines I had hoarded  collected.
Box of yarn...mostly whole skeins, but a few scraps. 

A box of magazines is unbelievably heavy!! 
I forgot to take a picture of these, but I took two bags--maybe 15 old quilting/knitting/crocheting books and took them to Half Price Books.  I didn't get a lot of money for them, but it payed for the three books I ended up buying there!! So,  I took about 15 books and came home with 3 new ones. And I am SO excited about them!!

FUN embroidery & wool projects. 

A book I had never seen before, but which is filled with history and  pictures of gorgeous vintage  quilts.  My  family is originally from Iowa, so even though I don't live there, I feel connected to the state and it's history. 

Since I can no longer knit or crochet, I am intrigued with the idea of weaving--both fabric and yarn. 

So, that's my decluttering efforts. I am making progress. I may win this fight yet. I think I can...I think I can...I know I can!!

Now, onto the sewing front. I haven't don't much sewing lately. But, here are some pictures of the  strippy string blocks I made at my retreat in September.

The blocks are vintage and made of a thin fabrics.  I decided since I really couldn't reuse the fabric into new setting, I would simply cut the pieces of the "Apple Core" blocks and sew them like a string quilt block.

"Raw" unfinished torn/worn apple core quilt top

A sprinkling of blocks made "string" style by slicing the apple corp blocks. I used muslin as a base fabric.

Close up of a block. Doesn't the curved piecing of the Apple Core blocks make the string blocks look so much more complicated!! 

Another close up
Okay, one more set of close ups!! 
And before I sign off, a few giggles to keep in mind as you go through your week:

Now I know the secret!!

Thanks for stopping by! I got some more decluttering, cleaning and sewing to do!! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabric Holiday!!

A once in a millennium occurrence!!  That's right!!
National Corduroy Day!!

So...grab those corduroy scraps you have been stashing away for just the "right" project...and make somethin'!! 

Wear your favorite soft pinwales and swish, swish your way down the hall...proudly announcing "Yes, I do love corduroy!!" 

Me? My own little effort? Was to convince the CEO of our agency to make Friday 11/11/11 (Veteran's Day in the USA) both a "casual" jeans day OR wear your corduroy's day!!  I feel so proud!

More later! I gotta go wash my cords!!
PS: I have actually been doing lots and lots of decluttering...I just haven't gotten it up on my blog. I hope to do that this weekend.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Linus: Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see. 

I know, I's been weeks and weeks...but, it seems my life has become so much more complicated since I started back to work full time. I have been steadily decluttering. Still more the "tortoise" than the "hare" in my decluttering race, but I hope that means the changes will be lasting!! I have found a new blog to share with my followers who also are struggling with clutter issues. It is called 365 Less Things. I love it! She is focusing on reducing by getting rid of one item a day, but also by not bringing new items into her home. Using what she has. They aren't new concepts, but they are ones I think our materialistic society has lost touch with. I have lost touch of. My mother was a child of the depression. I grew up with a "use it up, wear it out or do with out" mentality. I think that mentality mixed with all the STUFF that modern life brings has left me with way too much clutter. Stuff comes doesn't go out because I just might "need" it "someday." I've had to relearn to be selective about what I choose to bring into my home. And for those things I already have, decide "is this worth saving or will it be better sent out into the universe to be used by someone else?" Check out her blog, I think you will find her refreshing! 

And, since it is Halloween...AND the weekend...I HAD to bring you some smiles. You know you been missin' them!! 

Gosh, I've been doing this years, haven't you?!! 

Okay, this is not a political just made me laugh!! 

This is me, every fall as soon as football season starts....

This quote is from Roald Dahl. I love it.  

So my friends, have good thoughts and become lovely!  
Deb, still decluttering....slowly but surely!