Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Snickers

I wandered around the internet this week...and found these cartoons which gave me a chuckle.I hope you like them too. 

For my fellow blogger, Jean, over at Jean's Quilting Page, some chuckles to celebrate her new kitty! 

Okay, this is not for the squeemish...but it's always been my favorite Kliban Kat cartoon.  I don't know what it says about me, except I have a very odd ball sense of humor! 

In the case of my cat, who is long, skinny and gray with brown,  the drawing would have to be entitled "How to tell a cat from a moldy banana."
 This is also a weekend of birthday celebration for my family. Sunday is my youngest's 16th birthday. He's such a handsome guy.  His nick name is Pflager Turtle, so this next cartoon is for him: 

And, in a few more will be my birthday!  

I can't believe they caught me working out in my new purple polka dot leotard!! 

Enjoy your weekend, I hope to do some more decluttering to report on this week and maybe some hand sewing! 

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  1. Love the kitty cartoons! Very funny and so true! So snoopy, so headstrong, but still lovable!


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