Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Decluttering Goal: Day 1

I am DETERMINED to get my family room decluttered and peaceful this week.  To that end, I am going to practice what I preach. I am breaking this task into small manageable goals.
Monday. Day 1.  
I  have an accumulation of sewing/quilting/paper STUFF behind my couch.  As the pictures demonstrate, it is not a pretty sight.

Where did all this stuff come from? Oh wait...from me!

Why would I publicly "put myself out there" like this? Because I KNOW I am not the only quilter/sewer who has "nests" in their house. Or, if you are a fan of Flylady, she refers to them as "hot spots."  Flylady suggests working on them daily to make sure they don't become overwhelming.  Apparently I haven't been!!  So, to quote my other favorite declutter, Niecy Nash-- I decided it was time to "get to gettin"!! 

 I got dressed  "to the shoes" (another hint from Flylady) and dived in.
By the end of the day, my little corner looked like this:
Marshall is so happy! Look! Extra rug space to sleep on!!

Nice overhead lighting for my desk area

Marshall really, really does like the new arrangement!! 

I am so happy! I put away what needed to be put away. Put the fabric in one place, to be organized with it's friends down stairs. The little TV tray next to the desk is my mobile cutting table. It is for cutting out scraps while watching TV in the evenings. Or whatever project I might be working on which needs a small flat surface. I bought it at Walmart for less that $10.00 and I really like it  (when it is not piled with crap  stuff.)

And, one more little tip...I seem to be collecting all those fun CD's that come free with quilt magazines. But,  they kept ending up all over the place with no real "home."  Meanwhile, I had a cute ladybug CD holder, that I used to hold my music CD's...until they became too numerous to fit. I really like the CD holder. She is so cute. But, she seemed to have no purpose any more. Until FINALLY the light bulb came on! (Frankly, sometimes I feel like my brain is one of those computers which doesn't interface with its various parts). Hey! I can use it for all my quilting CD's!!  I felt so silly not having thought of it before!! 
Is this some new breed of Lady Bug Giganticus? 

No! She's holding all my quilting CD's!!
I hope to have more goals to report on this I work bit by bit to get my family room where I want it. Then, comes the real challenge. My sewing room. 

Until then...trying to locate my pieces!! 


  1. You're a girl after my own heart. Good job on the clutterectomy!

  2. Great job with the decluttering! Looks wonderful AND peaceful!

  3. Wow, you clean up good! Are we going to have to call you the "Decluttered Quilter" now?! Such a cute dog, love how he's peeking over the couch!


  4. Wow, looks very nice and ready for a fun evening or afternoon of sewing hexies or whatever!

  5. Well done Deb. Looks really good. Love the lady bug. Happy Stitching,

  6. You go girl.....if I where there, you would be receiving a metal!!!!!! (maybe not a good idea, might become another source of clutter!!) Well, you deserve one anyway!

    your friend in stitches


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