Thursday, June 2, 2011

Multi-tasking for the Modern Quilter

Coffee, audio book & hand piecing. Multi-tasking for the modern  quilter!

Despite not feeling well for the last couple of days...I'm not sure why. My body is just unhappy with me--I did get some sewing done. Additionally,  I stopped at the public library yesterday and made a discovery. Our local library now carries something called Playaway. It is an audio book...with the audio device included. One just supplies the AAA battery and her own ear buds. It's portable like an MP3 player. I checked out Craig Ferguson's American On Purpose, a book I have been wanting to read. It's so cool!  I can listen with my ear buds...while I sew...and not be bothered by the background noise of two teenage boys, a Collie, and my husband! Normally, listening to CD's I am competing with a ball game and a video game in the back ground. Did I ever mention having boys is a noisy undertaking?

So, despite feeling crummy yesterday, I worked on my hexagon flower blocks and got 2 done for this week. For those interested in the One Flower Wednesday, it is over at Journey of a Quilter blog

These are my two blocks: 

I especially like the one with black petals...she has a chicken in the center carrying a little note care that says "Bon Jour"! 

Two other blocks I like are mirror images of each other. One has a little squirrel in the center, surrounded by beige swirls. The other, the beige swirl surrounded by squirrel petals. 

I also took a picture of my "flower garden" thus far...I think I counted 19 blocks. 

I have "kits" made up for 6 more blocks. Total: 25. Then I I want more? Do I make more flowers? They are addicting...especially now that I have discovered Playaway audio books at the library and can tune my family out while I hand sew!! should I set them? Traditionally? Clustered together (my original plan)? 

Have a great day stitching--I hope to get to working on string blocks tomorrow. Oh much fabric can a quilter sew when a quilter sews string blocks? (sung to the rhythm of  "how much wood can a wood chuck, chuck...)


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