Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Just A Bloomin'...Quilter!!

Ha! You thought I was going to say something else? Happy One Flower Wednesday!! Be sure to check out Karen's collection/weekly listing of participants over at Journey of a Quilter. I love seeing what everyone is doing. Such a variety of ideas! Thank-you Karen for hosting this!
I must make one correction from last Thursday's post. Apparently I am unable to count. I thought I had enough kits to make a total of 25 hexie flowers. Unfortunately, it turned out to be 20. With these last two hexies,  I now have all 20 done.

Decisions...decisions. Do I make more? Do I sew together the ones I have?

I saw a table runner last week made of hexies. I could make that.
Please excuse the background, just a rough idea....

I could also make it into a round table cover.

I have LOTS more fabric to make more repo hexies. I am loving mixing them together...adding in the conversation prints.

Meanwhile, I might make a needle/pin holder likeTerri at UFO's & UBI's.  I love it! And perfect for working on hexie's. It is a large hexie...go look at it. I'll wait.   Are you back? Okay. While I was reading her blog, it made me wonder...what different methods do people use for making their hexies? Next Wednesday, I will talk about my method...hint: I have used 2 different methods while making mine. One I prefer over the other!

I guess you will find out next week what I decide to do!!

Until then, see you in the funny papers!! (Who used to say that?)

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