Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunshine + Mulch=One Flower Wednesday!

It's been so lovely these last few days! There has been this golden orb in the sky surrounded by blue...with occasional white fluffy marshmallow like things called clouds. It is simply marvelous!
I have not done much actual quilting the last few days. I took advantage of the break in our non stop rain and worked on the flower bed in front of our house.  A few years ago, we took the sad looking yews out that had probably been there since our house was built back in 1964.
Not our yews, but your get the idea...
  From, there I needed to develop a plan for the flower bed. Unfortunately, at about the same time, I became quite depressed and did not have the mental or physical energy to work on the flower bed.   I am not anal about most things, but I am a firm believer in having a general plan when starting a flower bed. I am flexible...but there needs to be a general plan. Unbeknownst to me, my husband decided to take one of those packets of "wild flowers" and scatter them over the flower bed.
 That was not even close to the plan I  had. In my depressed state, I kind of gave up on for that year.  The whole thing looked like weeds and most did not flower, as anyone who has  used those seed packets knows!  By last year, I was healthy and more energetic.  The flower bed  is in the shade of our maple tree most of the day, so I planted hostas and hydrangea's and other shade loving plants.
 The hydrangea's do not seem too happy this year. Too wet maybe? Here are the efforts of my son, the gardening teenager (yes, there is such thing--he LOVES to garden), myself and our supervisor, Thimble. If you look carefully--I think you will find my "One Flower Wednesday" entry also!

First,  the cat "out of the bag" for her supervising responsibilities

Then, climb to her supervisory post

Did they get enough mulch around the fox glove? 

Yup! They look great!

Hmm...looks like an okay job below me...

An ugly (but don't tell him) garden guardian
Hey! Is that turtle trying to take off with my latest hexie? 
I hope to get more quilting done later this weekend. Until then, I am working like crazy.  I have decided to have a garage sale so need to focus my energy on that for the next few days...then my reward...time for sewing!! 

Slowly putting the pieces back together,


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