Thursday, June 9, 2011

Go Cutter Give Away!!

I was just visiting Samelia's Mum blog and discovered she is giving away a Go Baby Cutter! Oh, my heart be still! I have been wanting a GO Baby Cutter for multiple reasons. 
# 1 They are really cool!! What quilter wouldn't want the newest, coolest quilter gadget? 
#2  I have arthritis in both my thumbs, making using a rotary cutter painful at times. My days of marathon cutting sessions are over.  The price I pay for winning so many games of "thumb wrestling wars." 
Accu Quilt has offered her a chance to give away a free GO Cutter and three dies! Go check out her blog and sign up for a chance to win...although I must warn you, I have a psychic sense I will be the winner. Okay, maybe not. But a girl can hope!! 
Yesterday, I mused over the phrase "see you in the funny papers."
 I found some interesting tidbits.  Most Google reports (and one of my readers) mention it is a line from the movie Its A Wonderful Life. So, I am pretty sure it must be. Apparently, it came about in the 1920's and then become popular again in the 1950's.The origin which made the most sense to me, is that upper-class people might be mentioned in the society pages. The flip side for folks who aren't so elite...ending up in the "funny pages" or comics section of the paper. Frankly, I read the comics section everyday and I find a lot more of my friends there than I ever did in the society pages!! What does that say about me and my friends? I like to think it's because we are more fun!

Good luck to all you who enter the Go Cutter give away! 


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