Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is It Still Wednesday?

Hello! I am sneaking in my Wednesday Flower at the last minute!!  I wish I could say I have been so busy sewing and quilting and sewing and quilting, that I didn't have time to post my flower until now. Unfortunately, it is something less craft related. Since I have rediscovered my public library, I've turned into Book Lady! In the last week, I have read  three mystery books by Charlaine Harris--

I have almost completed Smoke, Mirrors and Murder by Ann Rule.

 I seem to be on a murder mystery book spree. Which also means, I haven't gotten much done in the way of sewing. 

But, I did decide on how I am going to arrange my hexies! Yippee! Hooray!! isn't any of the original ideas I had been contemplating. I was strolling through blog land, and came across a unique (at least to me) setting for hexies and I decided "AHA! That's it!!" It is at Sew Sara. This is her photo and her setting:
 I am going to make it all with 1800's type repro prints. I think my blocks will be larger than hers, but I am not entirely  sure how big  my blocks will be until I get the first one completed. Then, I will know how many blocks I will need to make a nice size quilt. So, until I find the blog or complete the first. block--I guess the mystery continues!! 

I have also been shopping and chopping. I have 125,  5 inch squares for a red and white fabric exchange through Karen at Sew Many Ways . When I initially signed up, I thought "piece of cake!" I'll just go through my stash and cut up all my red and white fabrics. Guess what...I had very few actual red and WHITE fabrics. I had many red and dark cream. Red and white and other colors. So, I had to go to the quilt shop. I know. So sad. I felt quite tearful also. There I discovered the same dilemma. Lots of red and cream...not as many red and bright white. It took me several shops to get an assortment. I didn't really need an assortment. I could have just bought a bunch of one fabric. But what's the fun in that? So, I finally got enough and have been cutting away. Aren't they lovely?
And finally, I WON a give a way!! Yippee! Over at Alone In The Studio, I won four Moda candy bars. Yum!! They are the first candy bars I have ever had...they are so dang cute. How will I ever be able to use them? :)  Thank you Ali!! I love them!! 
I have actually been working on my poor cluttered sewing room, but progress has been so slow, there really isn't really much to see. Hopefully, there will be enough progress soon to actually photograph it. 

Until then, keep your pieces right side  together!! 

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