Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Virtual Decluttering

Howdy Hi!
I decided to try out a new blog template which is less cluttered looking. Plus, I am a sucker for dandelions, in both the yellow and puff ball forms!! I hope you like it!

I don't have pictures camera told me it's batteries are "exhausted"...and so I am charging them up. However, I did work in my horribly cluttered sewing room  today. I took a "before" picture of  the corner. It was impassable. I have moved the suitcases, which were blocking the area, to the shed. Put the various piles of fabric, magazines, etc in their respective homes. Some knitting magazines I am going to sell at our garage sale. With my thumb arthritis, it is not realistic that I will ever do much knitting again. But I am hopeful, that I might be able to do some  in the future after I have eventually had surgery. Has anyone had thumb surgery for arthritis? Were they able to knit/crochet again? I am curious...

Tomorrow...more decluttering in the cool basement sewing area. (Nebraska is having a spring heat wave. It was 97 today and tomorrow is supposed to be about the same). And, I hope to have time to play with some scrap fabric.

More later!


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