Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quilters Diet*

Karen, at Journey of a Quilter  posted about a month ago about the "Quilter's Diet."  However,  I just recently read it. I found it so inspiring and such a positive way at looking at Stash Reduction I asked if I could write about. The hyper-link takes you to her post, but I wanted to hit on the parts I felt applied to me. 
1)  30 Day Expiration:  I have frequently approached fabric diets with the "starvation" technique.  That is, I tell myself  I can't buy any more fabric until I make a sizable dent in my current stash. Well, the same thing happens with fabric as  when you try to do this with food:  I end up feeling deprived and rebel.  I am also an impulse shopper...and fabric has a siren's song like no other!!  So, if I tell myself: "Okay, you may have this fabric,  BUT you have to wait 30 days before buying it, " I think that will slow down my purchases. Like a weasel after shiny items,  I tend to want the pretty thing in front of me. If I am still thinking about the fabric after 30 days, then it must be something I really like and not just an impulse. 
2) Keep the pantry organized:  Karen notes that " Knowing what you have in stock is very important, so keeping the pantry organized is a must and it is a good aid for trimming the fat.  Frequent visits, to the pantry, is a great reminder of what supplies I have on hand and projects waiting to be finished. " Right now, my fabric pantry is not organized and I don't remember what I have stored. But, I am on my way. Folding my fabric like a file and then filing it by color lets me know what larger pieces I have. My fat quarters are already stored by color. Every new, unorganized plastic tub I open has been like winning a door prize! "OH, I forgot I had that!! What cool fabric!!" It feels like shopping in my own private quilt shop. Of course, some of the fabric is 20 years old...but you know what...sometimes that 20 year old fabric is just the right shade for that border, etc.
3)  Rainy Day Cupboard: This is a cupboard where Karen keeps her "kits" of projects she has bought and is ready to start. I have a similar system and I like it.  I have put fabric, pattern, etc together and then "filed" them in plastic bins. I will talk more about that in a future post. My sister, Karen, at  Hazel Dell Quilts turned me onto some of my techniques. 
4) Gift of the Year: I really like this idea. She has one "big" project that she works on throughout the year (which may take more than a year) while she is working on smaller projects. I'm not one of those people who can work on 1 project at a time. The few big projects I have started have not been finished because I feel like I have to dedicate my life to it...rather than look at it as a gift for myself and working on it on an intermittent basis.
5) Taa-Daa List: I LOVE this part. Karen does away with the "To Do" list (who ever likes one of those?) and changes it to 
a "Taa-Daa" list!! What a happy idea!!

I hope  you feel as energized by Karen's outlook on her
Fabric Diet as I do!

I started this weekend by working on my cluttered sewing   room downstairs. I "de-stashed" most of my yarn. Because of  arthritis in both my thumbs, I can't knit or crochet anymore. I do have a tabletop loom, so I saved my favorite wool & cotton yarn for weaving projects. I am giving away/selling over 100 skeins of yarn, I am embarrassed to confess! But, I am starting to feel lighter already!!

Happy Stitching to you!!


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