Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Chicken Mug Rug

I am so excited! Procrastinator that I am--I have actually started AND finished something! Ever since last winter when I started seeing mug rugs on blogs,  I have wanted to make one. Perfectionist that I couldn't be just like someone else's. Which means it took months of looking at others creations before I felt confident enough to plunge in and try one.  After I discovered that cutting a large string block into 4th only resulted in a smaller string block (and not a mysterious "Disappearing String Block" as I had hoped), I decided to make a small string quilt...then the light bulb moment happened! That's it! I didn't recall seeing this type of mug rug...I would make one with tiny string blocks!

My creation  The Spring Chicken Mug Rug


Here is a close up of the stitching. I used one of the fancy stitches from my sewing machine. Notice the  binding? Oh has no binding! I quilted close to the edge...then used my wavy edge rotary cutter around the edge; kind of like using pinking shears. I like the look.

I used left over scraps for the backing. I feel so resourceful. BUT WAIT! I didn't stop there! 

I then used the left over smaller scraps and "made fabric" for a project for  Bumble Beans.  But''s a secret what it is going to become.  I'm excited about it because it's a quick and easy way to make something I have been wanting to make...and I figured it out myself! 

It has been a rainy cloudy day here in Nebraska today. Some in this family have chosen to spend it napping. 

Me? I think I will have a nice cup of Earl Grey tea and some apple slices (Grapple, my favorite!) and then work on my secret project! 

Happy Stitching!
Deb, the Busy Turtle

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