Saturday, May 7, 2011

Projects: New and Old

Aahhh...spring weather has addled my brain. I don't want to declutter! I want to sew!! "BUT" she rationalizes,  "sewing is USING my stash, so it is a form of decluttering!!"  Okay then--onward to the machine!! 

I began by straightening up the kitchen table (which has become my temporary cutting table). After cutting squares for Thomas at Thomas Knauers for his Scrap Vomit Quilt and then cutting strips 2.5 inch strips for my Random Rail Fence,---I put the rest of the strips in a container for making a string quilt. Those strings began to talk to me. "Play with me!" I have little resistance when fabric talks to me (hence the huge stash from it asking me to bring it home with me...). So I decided to try to make a string quilt block using Karen's directions from Hazel Dell Quilts. It was fun!!  

Then, I decided for some unknown put a border on it. Then,  one of the fabrics I was using (a Laurel Burch print) wanted me to make a liberated log cabin block featuring it in the middle. Next thing I knew, I had a mini quilt pinned and ready to machine quilt. I pinned it with my purple "ear plugs"-- Pinmoor substitutes!! My poor quilt looks like it has purple aliens pods bursting forth!! 

Oh no!! I had created MORE scraps with my string quilt block and liberated log cabin block. Okay...then how about trying to make crumb block/fabric?  Whew! That took more time than I thought. Next time I will use larger scraps!! 

While searching for batting in my sewing room, I came across some almost finished hand-towels I had started last fall at a retreat. They are SO simple to make. They are a kitchen hand towel and hot pad sewn together. All they needed was buttons sewn on.  Aren't the buttons cute? Can you believe I found them them at Walmart? I stacked two buttons together.  Ta-daa. Two UFO's done!!  I love making these hanging towels. They are so easy and useful. 

And finally, my mind has been on pin cushions lately.  I made one for my sister Karen. I used a ceramic turtle planter. She has a picture of it here.  Since then,  I have been buying inexpensive objects at thrift stores/estate sales to make into pin cushions. I hope to sell some. This one I made last night for myself.

 I bought the planter years ago at an antique shop and had used it for a pen/pencil holder on my desk at work...but now she has a new life!! And look, I made the the pincushion removable so that I can store my scissors, thread, and thimble inside.


  I have two more pin cushions in the works which I will share pictures when they are finished. 

What plans to you have for today? I hope to get my mini quilt machine quilted today...and then I can show it to you tomorrow!! And,  go out and enjoy some delicious Nebraska spring sunshine and work in my flower beds. I have one bed which is in desperate need of compost...which means muckin' in the dirt! No better way to feel connected to Mother Nature than to get rich soil under your nails!!

Happy Quilting!!

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