Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Strings


Spring has returned to Nebraska! After a brief period of cold weather...the sun has returned! 

Ahh...Dandelions & violets...a sure sign of spring! 

During the gloomy weather,  I  played with springy fabric and made string blocks. I used Karen's method over at  Hazel Dell Quits.

 Then, after making this. I thought, what would happen if I cut the blocks in fourths--ala "disappearing 9 patch."? Guess what? You just end up with smaller string blocks!!  But, that did make me decide to start a mug rug.  So I continued making large string blocks and cutting them into smaller blocks. 

Now, how to finish it off? Any suggestions? Ideas? 

And finally, I have  been doing some English paper piecing. I started piecing these blocks several years ago and have decided to try to finish one block a week. If I finish more than that, great...if least I will eventually have a quilt top!! This is the block I finished this week. 
The center block has a cricket playing pool. The surrounding blocks are an audience of  red  chickens watching him!

Over the last week, I have gotten some sewing done, and believe or not...some work in my sewing room. But--I am going to keep you in suspense about what. I took some "before" pictures. I hope I am brave enough to show them. But, I have almost completed one small corner of my room. Unfortunately, not a section where I would actually be sew, so my machine is still set up on the kitchen table!
Happy Quilting to all my friends!
The Cluttered Quilter, Who Continues to be Busy As A Turtle

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