Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrift Store Karma

What a day! I had been looking forward to today. My sister, Karen (over at Hazell Dell Quilts )  and I were going to go to the Sarpy County Museum to view their quilt display.  We get there...and guess what? They are closed on Mondays!!  So, we hopped (okay, we drove) over to a little antique shop in Old Towne Bellevue. My neighbor owns it and I haven't been there yet. Guess what? They are closed on Mondays also!  So, Karen and I gave up and she headed back home.  On MY way home, I passed a little thrift shop I had not been to for quite a few years...hoping maybe they would have some vintage sheets. Historically, it has been a shop I rarely find anything I like.  Today, I hit the jackpot!!

I found these cute little embroidered dresser scarves. And yes, the price you see posted is correct!!

That's right...50 cents! 

One Nickel! Five Cents! 

I found this lovely vintage Christmas table runner.

Yup, .20 cents! 

This adorable pillow top.
This cutie was only .79 cents! 

AND this wonderful little doll quilt.

Yes, that is right....50 cents! 

Well, like a gambler who longs for more...I stopped at the other thrift shop that was on my way home.
And I found this adorable Dutch shoe pin cushion

Dawn at Collector With A Needle  had posted about ones very similar a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with them!  I never expected to find one.  Oh, and the price? $1.49!! Of course, I do have to supply my own thimble for it!! I have a couple vintage thimbles which don't fit me very well, I think I will put one in it when I display it!  I also found a couple of "potential" pincushions, but I will wait until they are completed to post pictures of those!!

Are you wondering, "But Deb, you PROMISED you would work on your basement and post pictures!" 

 I got "dressed to the shoes" (as Flylady tells us to!) and  did my 2 hours (at least, it may have been longer...I got interrupted a few times!).

I started with this corner:
Me thinks I have too much stuff!! 

I want it to be where I keep my reading books. At the moment, it has both reading and craft/quilting books.  After, one half full black garbage bag and a half full box for Goodwill,  I have this:

The opening behind the chair is a closet, which will eventually have a curtain  covering it, so it looks more tidy!!

So, onward to tomorrow!! I hope to get the garbage bag and box FULL!!

I hope you are keeping your pieces together. Mine are slowly getting contained!



  1. Oh, Deb - Wow, such amazing bargains!!! I never have the patience to find those great deals!!! and your basement is lookin' good, girl!! Kris

  2. What beautiful things you found and for such incredibly low prices... amazing!

    Congratulations on sticking with your decluttering campaign... a half black trash bag and box for Goodwill... woo hooo!

  3. You are so lucky - you did find such bargains. I went bargain hunting last week and I got a few things. I love to save embroidery or cross stitching items.

  4. I love thrift shops! You really did hit the jackpot!! :-)) Great job on the basement...I need to get going on the garage, if it wasn't so HOT!!

  5. Good start there, never thought about changin clothes. Question what is your plans for the linen pieces? In a quilt?

  6. Wonderful finds - out antiqueing this weekend - Dutch Shoe Pin Cushion - $18!
    Love the embroidery too!
    Thanks for sharing!


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