Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snickers, Anyone?

Hi! I have been AWOL all week. I started my new job last Monday. After 5 months of unemployed living,  I discovered I am not in full day of work shape any more!! Gosh, I was SO tired when I would get home. I'm not used to having to be smart all day!!  I hope this week I will be more productive in the evenings...but I ain't makin' any promises!!  :) 

Here is my weekly prescription for smiles. I hope you enjoy them!!  

This could be me someday...the caption didn't copy, but it is entitled "Death By Unfinished Projects"!

Actually,  this would refer to my Christmas QUILT!!

I read where they  used to actually PROMOTE drinking beer for nursing mothers.  I guess it helps to relax them?The ad notes the malt in the beer is believed to be healthy for mother and baby. Times have changed!!   


And finally, what may become my latest mantra: 

Here's hoping you don't have to eat too many cookies this week due to "unpleasant moments"!! 

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  1. Oh Deb - Love the 'Death by UFO' one - I found it on-line the other day and have tucked it away to use at an appropriate moment!


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