Friday, August 5, 2011

Social Butterfly

'I've had a great week! Not so much at decluttering. Despite my determination to spend time everyday in my basement decluttering my sewing obligations got the best of me.  Due to my struggle with depression, I've had  long of  periods of time where I isolate and just stay home. But, thanks to the miracle of modern pharmacology, I have felt SO much better the last 2 months, I am actually getting out and about seeing old friends and family.  It feels SO good!! 

And tomorrow? Big plans! I am going to one of my favorite quilt shops, Prairie Star Quilts with my sister Karen (from Hazel Dell Quilts ) and our friend Rachel.  Even though none of us NEED any fabric...sometimes, the Siren's Call of  Fresh Fabric can't be resisted!!
Buy more fabric...take Fabric home with you...

I completed a  new flower for One Flower Wednesday, but I wasn't on the computer much, so I didn't get it posted. It will have to wait until next week. But, don't let that stop you from checking out the other flowers at the blog  Journey of A Quilter . It is always so inspiring!!

Today's blog is short and sweet...but I hope your upcoming weekend is long and luscious!! And don't forget to spend some time with friends!! 

Still searching for her missing pieces...


  1. What a coincidence... I'm headed to my LQS tomorrow too! However, I actually NEED fabric... not much... just some FQs to bind the placemats I'm making for my granddaughters... of course, I may succumb to something else... you never know!


  2. How i understand the feeling! Enjoy each day

  3. Ah yes, the wonders of modern pharmacology! Get out and enjoy time with your friends when you're able. Working through the decluttering process will help with depression, also.

  4. Hope you have enjoyed your day. Would love to see what you got into.


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