Monday, August 8, 2011

Information Superhighway

Along with my road trip theme from last weekend, I thought I would share some interesting sites/blogs I have come across recently.

I list my blog on  Quilter Blogs.  One of my favorites things to do when I should be doing something productive,  is to head over there and read what other blogger's are up to.  I have found some of my favorite blogs that way...and they aren't always the ones with the largest followers!!

Do you have a handkerchief? 
First visit...please grab your hankies for this one. It is one of the saddest I have least about a quilt. Over at Needle, Pins and Baking Tins,  Laura wrote about her "error."  She completed a BEAUTIFUL quilt...quilted it...bound it...and then washed it. Unfortunately, she had not pre-washed her backing fabric. If you visit her site, you can see the results. People have asked me "why do you go to the work of  washing all your fabric?" you know! Not all modern fabrics have stable dyes. And you can't tell by looking!

Photo from Amber's blog...look at the pretty scraps! Want them! 
Now, happier news! Over at  A Little Bit Biased,  Amber has finished a quilt and is giving away her scraps! They are beautiful!! Go check it out and sign up for the give away...a quilter can never have TOO many long as they aren't the same ones you already have!!
Picture from Stitching By Starlight's site
Then, over at Stitching By Starlight, she has the neatest tutorial I discovered for a two sided mug rug. I love mug rugs...and want to make more. I think I will give her idea a try!!
And finally, over at Jo's Country Junction, I discovered her tutorial for a Bottle Cap trivet.
Picture is from Jo's site
It's such a cool idea!! And would be fun in so many different colors/fabrics. I think I may try to make one with a Christmas flavor...maybe with those new charm squares I bought last weekend, since the table runner pattern I bought won't use all of them!!

And finally,  I wouldn't feel complete if I didn't leave you without one giggle...
I hope no one gets offended by this...but it made me chuckle!

Save this to work on NEXT Monday morning....

Happy Monday to all! I must go see if I can sew up a few of my own bits and pieces!


  1. Oh my... I almost cried when I saw Laura's freshly washed brand new quilt... I hope she can get all that color out!!!

  2. Thank you for linking up to my quilt. It is such a sad thing, but I am (if a bit naively) hopeful for its glorious return!

  3. HAHAHA, your cartoons made me laugh. Thanks for the new sites to explore too. = )

  4. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out. Glad you like my little mug-rug. I love your cartoons...I think you and I have the same sense of humor. :)


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