Thursday, August 25, 2011

Better Late Than Never

It's the day after One Flower Wednesday...but here is my flower!
She's just one lonely flower...but in a day or so, she should have a friend. And then they will be winging their way to my One Inch Hexie swap partner!!  

It has been a slow week for me again in my decluttering efforts and sewing efforts. That hasn't stopped me from gawking at other's blogs. One of my favorite non productive past times!! And, through the magic of Pinterest  I have found a place to post pictures of all the cool quilt pictures, etc I find!! Here are a few of the goodies I pinned. I couldn't figure out how to attach the links to the you'll have to go to Pinterest to find the origins!! 

Beautiful  napkins made from vintage sheets and finished with ric-rac
I want to make this quilt. I MUST make this quilt. Now, to check my vintage sheet stash...

A bag tied with a fabric covered pipe cleaner. Cool idea!! 

Have a large collect of doily's you don't know what to do with? Make a table runner!! 

The weekend will soon be upon me and I have plans to do some serious work in my sewing room/basement.  Now I hope I can follow through!  

My kitty Thimble, engaged in some serious snoozing. be a cat!!
So, here's hopin' I can get my pieces together!!


  1. Oh, I love those napkins! And the doily table runner! And the kitty named Thimble. I'll have to remember that one the next time I need a kitty name.

  2. Hey, Deb - VERY cool hexie flower!!! And I want that quilt too!! Enjoy your weekend and relax a bit - the de-cluttering will still be available to you next week!! :-)) Kris

  3. Mmmm - know what you mean about travelling through blogs!

    This is a picture of a truely relaxed cat...mine does the same thing!

    Check out my blog for my latest decluttering effort - now if I can just make sure I stick with it....

  4. I love the napkins and table runner. Congrats on getting your 'one flower' completed. It looks great.

  5. Thanks for sharing - love the doily table runner idea!

  6. Great name for your cat! Wish I had a cat's life as well. Love your hexies, and the pictures you put up.


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