Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She's Baaaack!

Yes, I'm back!

I know...it's been months. So much has happened, but I haven't stopped decluttering. I just got lazy and haven't been blogging.

Since I last blogged, I have now become jobless. 

I have moved all my fabric from my small sewing room into the larger room. Put up shelves in the larger room and am now going through each box and determining who deserves to stay and who must move on to another home.

In a future blog, I will show you my nifty system for "filing" my fabric. I love it!! For a visual person like me, it's WONDERFUL!!

If you go over to Hazeldell Quilts, you will see the fun little pin cushion I made for my sister, Karen. I now am eyeing all my small planter/pots. Hmm...you would make a really cute pincushion also!!

My decluttering, now that I am in the ranks of the unemployed, is spreading to my whole house. My middle son (AKA "Big Boy") and I decided to clean and make money and have a giant garage sale. I started on my closet last weekend. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I decluttered 16 purses!! As a disclaimer, I love purses, but I don't love spending money on them. I have discovered a few local Goodwills where I can find some lovely used...but practically new...designer bags for under $5.00.

I hope your own decluttering efforts are progressing faster than mine. My youngest son (AKA "Boy") recently coined a phrase that I have adopted as my new mantra. "Busy as a turtle."  You see, turtles are always busy, they are just really slow, so it takes them longer!"

Happy sewing,

Who is Busy As A Turtle

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