Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric Filing 101

Hello!  The Cluttered Quilter has actually been working on her sewing room. Yeah! I am an avid reader of quilt blogs. And along the way I have stored multiple ideas and they have merged in my brain and now are making their way into my sewing storage space. 

My first idea I like to think of as Fabric Filing. I love looking at designers rooms with their stacks of fabric neatly stacked by color...but I couldn't see that working for me. Plus, I have a kitty who loves to snuggle on fabric. Then, I saw the cool idea of wrapping larger pieces (1 yard or more) onto the plastic pieces and storing them upright like fabric stores do. Then I looked at the cost of those cool little plastic...multiplied the number I would need. Okay, if I win the lottery I could afford those. Then, my wandering fingers found this really, really cool idea on a blog who I can't remember and did not put on my favorites. So, my apologies to whomever I got this idea from for not giving you proper credit. 

Step 1:  Go to your local comic book store. Purchase a comic book "Size Board."  At my store, it was $9.99 for a package containing 100 boards. 

Step 2:  Fold fabric. I usually fold it selvage to selvage, then in half again. Making the fabric about 10 inches wide by what ever length you have. 

Step 3:  Place one board onto the fabric, leaving about 3-4 inches on one side. 

Step 4:  Fold the 3-4 inch side onto the board. Then, proceed to flip the board on the fabric. Flipping and folding until you reach the end of the fabric. 

Step 5:  When you reach the end, fold the last few ends under so it is neat and tidy. 

Step 6:  Pin end to rest of folds. You may choose to use a non rusting safety pins or what I came up with.  But I will save that for tomorrow. Meanwhile: after you have multiple pieces of folded fabric, they fit neatly into a plastic storage bin. 

Taa Daa!
Right now, I am just "filing" each box by color, when I have completed my boxes, I will then re-file so all the colors are filed together. But, I've miles of fabric before I reach that point!! 

Until then--
Pieceful quilting!


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