Friday, April 22, 2011

On Pins and Needles and Other Prickly Subjects

As promised in my last blog...the method I used to keep my fabric files together. Yippee Skippee!!

After flipping and folding and flipping and folding, it is time to hold the fabric end together. I started by using my rust free safety basting pins. I soon ran out. I liked the idea of Pinmoor.

 However, when I have checked them out at internet sites, they exceeded my budget. They run about $22.00 for a packet of 50. I am not exactly sure what they are made of...but they look like a small piece of pliable plastic.

The other day, I was at the drug store buying ear plugs for my oldest son...and had a light bulb moment.  The ear plugs looked like the pictures I had seen of  Pinmoors. And considerably less expensive. I bought a packet of Walgreens brand ear plugs and they worked great! I have since bought a "large economy size"  of ear plugs from Walmart. 40 pair (80 plugs) for $7.99

.And they work great!! I do wonder what the cashier thought about  buying 80 pair of ear plugs.  I just smiled to myself.

Have you come up with inexpensive substitutions? I would love to know! My sister, Karen, at Hazel Dell Quilts uses old dryer sheets as foundations when making her string blocks. Check them out!

Happy Decluttering!

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  1. awesome!!! I'll be sharing this at quilt guild tomorrow!


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