Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Too Many Magazines!!

So, what is a Cluttered Quilter to do? I don't have a  Niecy Nash from Clean House to "get me to gettin'" with all my quilt magazines. I know I have waaay too many of them. But, I am having trouble thinning their ranks to a reasonable amount. I have been going through them. Any that have patterns I really like, I save the pattern. If one has many patterns, I save the whole magazine. If I don't like any patterns, etc I put it in the garage sale pile. But, the stacks of magazine is not getting much smaller.

And I will be honest. I love looking through old quilt magazines. I find it relaxing to look at my magazines. Re-read articles. Relook at patterns...maybe figure out a better way to put a pattern together than the magazine described. However, I have about 3 or 4 shelves full of magazines.

So, I am torn at how best to make my stacks smaller. I know I don't NEED all these magazines. But, I LIKE having them.

Do others have this problem? What criteria do you use to send your old magazines out into the world?
If anyone has ideas--this is one Cluttered Quilter who would like to know!!

Still Busy as a Turtle!

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