Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabric Management Moves Outdoors

Hello!  It has been a fabulous spring day in Nebraska. The kind where I find myself itching to get outside. Luckily, this did not slow down my fabric management! Behind our house we have a shed. Most people keep gardening supplies, etc in their sheds. Ours happens to include bins of fabric. FIVE to be exact. So today, I tidied up the shed. Threw out broken pots, etc. Hung items vertically. Then pulled out those five bins. I hope to go through one bin each day next week and decide what to do with the fabric. So, because I was busy as a turtle all day, I didn't get any pictures taken. To make up for it,  I will just insert a few random quilt pictures to break up all those fidgety words.

When I sort through the bins of  fabric, my thought processes fall along these lines:

1)  Oooo....I still love it! Keep it!!  Those pieces will be folded up the way I described in Filing 101.
This quilt was a "I love it! Must have it!"

2)  It's really nice fabric, but I don't know if I will really use it. For example, I found several nice pieces of children's flannel. Those pieces I will be donating to my quilt guild. My guild is a quilt mission and makes quilts to give to sick and needy groups, including Linus Quilts. The guild puts out a lot of quilts every year for a small group , so I know the fabric will be put to good use.
A Close Up of My Quilt Find Of The Year

3) Umm...not so sure about this fabric. I will put this fabric in the garage sale I am having next month. Some other quilter may find it to be just what he/she is looking for to finish their quilt! I have been known to keep a small bit of this fabric...just in case...
Is that price right? $6.99? Yup...from Goodwill. 


4) UGH! What was I thinking? This is that thin, scratchy, starchy fabric we have all been suckered into buying on sale tables. Convinced that once it is washed it will somehow magically turn into soft, luxurious quilt fabric. I no longer fall for those matter how cute the print is or how cheap the price is. NOT WORTH IT!!  This alleged "fabric" I will cut into strips and add to the animal bed filling that my guild makes.

Do you have similar categories? Am I missing one?

The Cluttered Quilter who has been Busy As A Turtle

PS: Tomorrow I will share the WHOLE story of my Quilt of a Lifetime buy from Goodwill. It is an AMAZING story.

Until then, Elvis has left the sewing room.

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