Sunday, September 11, 2011

When in doubt...RETREAT!!

Okay, maybe most West Point generals wouldn't agree with me, but apparently they have never been to a quilt retreat!!  I AM PUMPED!! And counting down the days...Friday I'm off to spend three lovely days with my quilting friends at a local camp sewing, chatting, eating, giggling, sewing, chatting, eating some more...giggling some more. Ahhh!!  

Unfortunately, I'm not quite as organized as my sweet sister, Karen over at Hazel Dell Quilts. She has already picked out and packed her "kits"--and even pre-cut many (if not all of them.) Me? Ugh. Is it the last minute yet? I always have great intentions to be all ready. But, some where along the way I get distracted!  I think that also explains my mountain of clutter to organized. Hmm...I am sensing a pattern here and not of the sewing kind!! 

So far, I have MENTALLY decided I am going to bring the blocks for my oldest son's quilt. They are already precut and ready to sew. You many recall many, many moons ago I talked about this quilt.  Click here  for a refresher. Then, I have several kits for small doll size quilts. I am going to pick out one of them.  Plus, my little hexies.  I like to have an assortment of goodies. Some machine sewing, some hand sewing.  Oh, and a book.  It's good to have time to relax. 

We sleep on the bottom level of a bunk bed and everyone brings sheets and a pretty quilt for their bed. I think this year I am going to bring one of my  pretty vintage sheets sets and then either a vintage quilt or this really pretty vintage chenille blanket I found a few months ago. I think it will look cozy! I'll take pictures and you let me know!! 

I'm also thinking of bringing my "Go Baby" fabric cutter to work on cutting up some more of my fabric stash into charm squares.

 And finally, I am looking forward to what should be a FABULOUS package in the mail in about a week. A few years ago, I got one of those "Quilter's Reward" credit cards with the pretty quilt pictures on them. You know, the ones advertised in all the quilt magazines? Well, as one charges with them, they get "rewards." In the past, I have earned some free quilt batting and two books. Lately, I was looking at what is available and discovered one could get a gift certificate from Keepsake Quilting. My heart be still!!!  I drool over every catalog I receive from them. AND I had enough points to get a $100.00 certificate.  After literally, HOURS of pouring through the catalog and their website, I finally decided on what I wanted:

This  quilt kit entitled "Rose Cottage" 

Some "modern" 2 1/2 make a strippie quilt

So, now I am humming: 

(Wait) oh yes,
Wait a minute, Mister Postman(Wait) wait, Mister Postman(Please, Mister Postman, look and see)Woah, yeah(Is there’s a squishy package  in your bag for me)Please, please Mister Postman(Cause it’s been a mighty long time)Woah, yeah(Since I`ve heard from this quilt shop of mine)

My apologies to the Marvelette's and the Beatles!! 

Have a great week!!  I hope to get my One Flower Wednesday entry done this I will chat with you then!! 

Still trying to get my bits and pieces ready to sew,


  1. Cute, cute post Deb!!! I hope you have a wonderful time getting ready for your Retreat and then an even better time AT your retreat!! And in the meantime, the post man had better get there with your squishy package!! :-)) Kris

  2. I'm not sure whether to be more envious of the Go Baby or the retreat! Both are on my wish list. Mmmmm.....Oh well, green is such a pretty colour....
    Have a great time at retreat :)


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