Monday, September 12, 2011

Dork of the Week Award

I need to wear this button, just to warn people....

Yes, I have won Dork of the Week again. It's been awhile, but well, it seems the older I get, the goofier I get.  I guess that means I can expect to continue winning this dubious award. 

Remember that retreat for which I was counting down the days? seems I was off one week. Instead of  being this is NEXT Friday. WAH!! My brain was so ready for it this weekend-- even if the rest of me wasn't. Does anyone else have this problem? I hope I am not the only one!! 

THAT's my many stupid things to remember!! And those do seem to be what I remember...never the  BIG stuff! 

I guess it is actually a good thing the retreat is one more week away. It appears I have finally managed to catch the cold that everyone else in my family has had. I just hope they provide the same sympathy for me that I gave them!!  However, since I live with 3 guys, my hopes are not high!! 

So, tonight post is short and sweet. 
Deb...too stuffy to find her bits and pieces...
Who me?!!


  1. What's with cold business? I've got one too! Maybe we're getting the cold thing out of the way before winter...

    Feel better soon!

  2. Hey fellow Dork!!! Glad to know we are both in this prestigious club!!! Love this post!! Hope you are feeling better so you can still get to your Retreat this coming weekend!! And now that you are in bed and resting (wink) you will have time to do your One Flower for tomorrow!! Do you want me to come over and help the boys take care of you?? :-)) Hugs, Kris

  3. Welcome to the Dork club. About 6 years ago, I had my dear husband drive me on a one hour trip to Elkhorn Iowa for a quilt show. We got there, found the location indicated (the middle School) only to find . . . . no quilt show. And nobody in town knew anything about the quilt show. I pulled out the flyer about the show only to discover it was in Elkhorn NEBRASKA. Right day, right town, wrong state. Husband forgave me (probably somewhat relieved that he did not have to look at quilts).


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