Sunday, September 18, 2011


The time is drawing near. My quilt retreat is in 4 days. In "the best of all possible worlds",  I would have already decided what projects I am taking with me. I'll be there for 3 days--Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I will have a large chunk of time to work on whatever I want.  I have already decided I am taking the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt blocks I am making for my oldest son. I am pretty sure I have cut up all the blocks I need to finish it.  The important phrase being "pretty sure"!! I remember cutting what seems like a million blocks a few months ago. So whatever I cut, I will sew!!

Then,  I want to work on my hexie blocks.  I want to make some color coordinated "kits" to work on.  Basically, cut some strips/squares to go with my paper pieces.

Plus, I have been reading blogs about various doll size quilts. I want to make some!! I have several kits but I also have some I have been eyeing in my extensive book collection.  My mind keeps thinking about this quilt:
It is from Kathleen Tracy's book:

I also have two quilts which  need  backings. Not exciting work, but I am planning they will be pieced backings.  And then... maybe my checking account will be able to afford to send them off to be quilted!!  However, I have a very small checking account, so it may only be able to afford one!!

And I some charm squares I bought to make place-mats in this pattern:
Moda Bake Shop pattern
The charm squares are from:
Moda Wildflowers IV 
And I have fabric for making string quilts.
Speaking of string quilts---I saw this earlier today and think it's a fun combination for a string quilt.
It is from Prairie Peasant blog 
Plus, I have about 400 other ideas.  I have never made a list of my unfinished and/or projects I have "kitted" together. That is, those projects I have pattern and fabric...but haven't actually started the project. I don't think I could handle the actual number. It may be more than can be done in a life time.

Do other people have this problem?  More projects than time? I am always amazed by quilters that are able to work on only one project at a time. I seem to always have several in progress.

It is time to tuck myself into bed and have sweet dreams of fabric and quilts!
Until next time, I'll probably still be trying to decide...


  1. I think you need much longer than a 3 day retreat! lol I hope what ever it is you take you have fun! Work hard, I have all the faith in the world you will get "something" done!

    you friend in stitches

  2. Oh yeah. Yesterday as I was digging through my stash of neutrals, I discovered an entire laundry basket full of "kitted projects" - that is, groupings of fabrics I want to use together in a quilt, even if I do not have the pattern selected as yet. I also have at least 6 projects ready with all of the fabrics and the pattern, and I have 2 kits for which I need to pre-wash the fabrics. I need a quilting retreat!!!!!

  3. Always more ideas, projects and fabric than time!

    Enjoy retreat :)


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