Friday, September 16, 2011

Diagnosis: Bronchitis

*Not my real nurse...

After bravely trying to go back to work yesterday,  I came home from work tired but proud. Then about 7:00 PM the fatigue, shakes and shivers hit. It was horrible. I took some ibuprofen, crawled under my bed quilt and thought "this will soon pass ." But, my fever kept going and going...then I was coughing and coughing.  I felt like the nun, Miss Clavel, in the book Madeline

"Something is not right!!"
I rustled around for what ever medicine I could find and finally managed to fall asleep at 12:30ish, determined to see my doctor the next day! And guess what? Not only do I have bronchitis, but he felt it needed more than the usual antibiotic & cough syrup regime. An immediate shot in my bum!! 
*also not my actual nurse...
Actually, the dose is so high, they did it with 2 needles. Yes...TWO for each cheek. 

And then the nurse asked "can your husband drive you home?"
 My brain goes "huh?"  Well, yeah...Quail is able to drive me...why would he need to"
"In case anything happens" 
Happens? "Like what?" 
"Like, you have a reaction to the shot. It's a very large dose and some people react." 
Fortunately, no reaction. Whew. And the shots were much less painful  than the traditional penicillin shots I had when I was a young girl.
So, tomorrow....still have to go to work, to make up hours so I can take off Friday for my retreat...but other than that, my plans are to sit and quietly hand sew and get over this nasty bronchitis so I can go to the retreat.  
Thimble & I engrossed in our novel. Fortunately, I cleaned up all the tissues before snapping the picture!
Oh! And read! I will tell you about my book later this weekend. I have read it once or twice before, but it is one of those I never tire reading.  

Keeping you on pins and needles with curiosity? 
If your household is inundated with football this weekend, like my household(if not, can I come live with you until football season is over?) you might enjoy this little snicker...


  1. Feel better my friend! I remember having pneumonia like this one year, it was horrible!

  2. So are the meds working? Hope you're feeling better, since the Retreat is coming up soon. :-)


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