Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The last few days have felt like Alexander And The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

Last week, after additional problems with my digestive tract, my doctor suggested a colonoscopy.  So, Saturday I work all day so I can make up for missing Monday. I jump into my car to rush off to work, but my engine won't turnover.  My husband, Quail and I work to get it started. No luck. So, when in doubt, call my 22 year old son, the mechanic. (Bit of advice: if you have 1 or more children...encourage at least 1 of them to become a mechanic...it's a worthwhile investment!).  So, Quail & I traded cars and I sped off to work.Later, I find out it took  Quail Jr about 45 seconds to diagnose the problem. I need a new fuel pump.  Fortunately, it is covered by warranty. Whew! 

Sunday is spent: 
Monday is spent: 

Which brings us up to today....Tuesday:   I was hoping to be back to work, but the laxative decided to work for longer than just Sunday and Monday. So, another day at home, near the bathroom. :( For the record, while colonoscopies may be a necessary medical procedures, they are NOT fun!!  

This is my third colonoscopy over the last 20 years...but this time, I had a secret weapon. My new Kindle!! So nice to be able to have something to read while I was in bed between trips to the loo. I went through 2 books of the series I am reading!! 

They are shorter than your basic novel, but entertaining and light reading. The series is about a woman who lives in Freeport, IL and is a private investigator for the paranormal/ghosts. 

 I did get a few items decluttered this weekend: 
1) Three old window valances
2)  two tee shirts
3)  1 book 
 Plus, I threw away, two t-shirts in not-even-good-enough-for-thrift store, and 2 stray holey socks. 

I think I am up to 29 items thrifted or tossed for January 2012!! Woo-hoo!! 

Here's hopin' you have had a better week, then me!! 



  1. Hope things start getting better for you SOON! I'm on my way to Amazon to find the Terri Reid books. I spent most of my career teaching at the college in Freeport, Il! - Jeanne

  2. What a crappy few days! (sorry, I couldn't help myself). Hope you're back to the sewing room soon.


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