Monday, January 30, 2012

Deb's Big Plan

As promised, I will share my plan to achieve "disappear" in 2012.  I suspect it would be easier to become a wizard and practice with a wand, but since I am no Harry Potter, I will just have to do it the muggle way.

I recently went to a training on "Stages of Change" and learned some interesting things.  In order to change a behavior, we have to go through specific steps/stages to get to a point of "maintenance."

The stages of change model started with people looking at the behavior of substance abuse, but has come to encompass changes for any behavior. 

Stage 1: Precontemplation.  Well,  I have moved beyond that stage on my goals, but it is essentially "what? I don't got no stinkin' problem with (fill in blank with your own behavior)."  It's that behavior that others may bring up to you, and you think it's not a problem. 

Stage 2: Contemplation:  This was me for the last few weeks...actually longer. Contemplation can last anywhere from hours to days to years! Is this really a problem? Could others be right?  At this point, it is still in the "mental" stages. No action to change the behavior is happening. 

Stage 3:  Determined Preparation: this is the planning stage.  Calling the gym to find out how much it cost to take that exercise class you have been wanting to take. Looking on line for budget ideas.  

Stage 4: ACTION:  This is where I want to be! It's actually taking that exercise class; cooking those low fat recipes; writing out and following that budget.  

Stage 5: Maintenance:  This is when all the hard work of the action phase has become a habit.  When you no longer have to THINK about exercising or throwing out that clutter. In the words of Nike, you "Just Do It." 

Stage 6: Relapse:  Uh-oh.  Been skipping too many exercise classes.  Holding onto too many un-needed items. Eating too many cookies.  Stopping at the fast food restaurants a little too often. At this point,  it's time to start over.  Hopefully, with the work one has already done,  it will be easier to work through the steps again. 

So, with this simmering on the back burner of my brain, I hatched my goals for behaviors I want to change in 2012. 

1)  Lose weight/get healthy!  My plan so far: I have a Visa money card to pay for my annual membership at the community center near me, where I can work out on their gym equipment and walk on their walking track.  I hope to exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes each time.  Health? Cut back on soda/pop and fast food visits.  Increase home made lunches and dinners (this one also overlaps with my financial goals). 

2) Financial Goals:  pay off a credit card which is more than I want it to be.  Learn to live with a budget! 

3)  Declutter:  current goal is to document how much I declutter, to give me a sense of progress.  I want to continue following my version of 365 Less Things and average at least 7 items every week. And by doing so, I will have more room and time do what I REALLY want to do:

These are lofty goals for me, but I think if I continue to plug along one day at a time,  I can be physically and financially healthier and less cluttered by 2013! 

Taa-taa for now! Tomorrow, sewing news!


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  1. Sounds like a great plan. Best of luck and here's to 2012 being the "Disappearing Deb"!


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