Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disappearing Deb

Sure seems like it, doesn't it?  It feels like so long since I have posted anything. HOWEVER that does not mean I have been lacking in things to post. It just means my real life keeps interfering with my virtual life. Dang it anyway!! Where does it say kids and husbands have to eat everyday AND have clean socks? Oh well, at my house, they seem to think so!

Well, onward and upward. What pearls of wisdom (gag...cough) have been rattling around in my brain?

Many bloggers, such as Kellie at Charming Chatter  pick a word for their "theme" of the year. It can motivating, introspective, what ever one thinks depicts their life or the direction they want their life to move.  I am a word person. I love words.  I love quotes. So, I found myself mulling this concept over. What word would I choose?  Something motivational? Something inspiring? Naw. Not me. Why would someone like the Cluttered Quilter chose that type of word!  That would make sense!!  No, the word I have chosen for 2012 is:

Yup, Disappear!  Why "disappear"? Because in 2012 I want these things to disappear:

My weight! 

My bills!

and, of course,


My weight? A few years ago, after a bad run in with a medication, I put on about 80+ pound.  From 2009 to last spring, I was doing a really good job of slowly losing it. I lost about 40 lbs of it. Then,  mid 2011,  my activity level slowed down and I have been steadily gaining the weight back. Ugh!  So,  time  to "get to getting" (my favorite Niecy Nash saying!) and take care of my health!  

The financial one is a new one for me this year. In the last three years,  I  have left a job which paid about twice what I make now plus throw in a few months of unemployment and you get some major life style changes! My family and I are learning to live with less. But, I think it is a good lesson for me. I am truly learning how to be frugal. To quote Edison, "necessity is the mother of invention" and necessity has been teaching me how to live the 1930's depression mantra of my mother "use it up, wear it out, make it do."  Sometimes I find it daunting,  (like last week when I had to do some fancy financial work to get enough money to take my Collie, Marshall, to an emergency vet visit.) But mostly, I have been trying to look at it as a challenge to not be so materialistic. 

And being "materialistic" is what has gotten me to my problems with clutter!  I have been faithfully reading  Colleen's posts at 365 Less Things. Her posts have been so helpful with the mental/emotional part of  my decluttering. While I do my own version of it--instead of 1 per day, I try to declutter at least 7 things every weekend. For 2012, I have decluttered 36 items!!  And that's not including the sheets and sheets of paper junk which accumulates every week that have been tossed! 

Goals are good. No doubt about that. However, they are only good if one has a plan to reach those goals. And I have a plan!! 

Since this post is getting really wordy and really lengthy, I will share the plan with you tomorrow! 

Until then, time to get back to decluttering!! 



  1. Good luck! I know you can do it.

  2. I am in some of the same situation as you. My weight and clutter. I am rooting for you and maybe I can make some headway too.

  3. I'm rooting for you, Deb!! I went from being a very busy real estate attorney to losing my entire practice due to the mortgage crisis in 2008 and now I take care of my dear Dad!! I can do it, you can do it!! Just be patient with yourself and love yourself!! oxoxoKris

  4. Oh Deb, I'm rooting for you too, girlfriend - just so long as YOU don't disappear! I'll write more to you personally, but wanted to say here that I love ya girlfriend - and I'm wishing you all the joy and goodness and love life has to offer always! Hugs :)!!


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