Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

Here in the USA, today is a federal holiday celebrating "President's Day"--a combined holiday which used to be "Washington's Birthday" and "Lincoln's Birthday." In those days, we got TWO Monday's off in short little February. Oh well, I guess that's what they call progress. Since this would be my last "three day holiday" (ie: weekend plus Monday) until April,  I started out with so many  great plans.

Laundry. Lots of laundry. Want to catch  up.

Decluttering.  Want to recycle/toss many items.

Exercise.  Get that community center membership I have been putting off.  Maybe if Clark Gable was at the gym, I would quit procrastinating!!

Sew. Lots of sewing.  I want to sew together my son's disappearing 9 patch blocks.  
What happened?
On the positive side...I did go through my quilt magazine stash.  I went through several stacks and tossed out about 30 magazines (those are ones I had torn out 1 or 2 "keeper" patterns) and have another 25 (more or less) to pass along to others. Don't fear...I probably kept about 50 magazines. But, the stash is getting smaller!! 

I attempted to work on my hexie blocks.  But,  even with my hand brace,  I am still having thumb pain. Grr...So,  I got lost at Pinterest.  If you are interested in looking at some of my boards, I am listed as Cluttered Quilter. I pinned some great vintage quilt designs...some modern designs.  And many, many recipes. 

I hope everyone has a great week...I know I plan to! 


PS: Okay, here are a couple snickers to get you through the week...


  1. I hope you enjoyed the weekend, even if you're weren't as productive as you had hoped! Thanks for the funnies.

  2. Lucky you, having the day off, I got to work. Congratulations on getting rid of some magazines. I've been thinking about that too. (Notice the word "thinking", no action as yet.)


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