Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello! Any Body Out There?

 I would love to say that I have spent my time over the last six months, diligently cleaning and organizing my dang sewing room.  But, you all KNOW that would be out of character for me!  However, up until July, I did spend time every weekend sorting and tossing, sorting and tossing, sorting and tossing.  Guess what? There is still way too much stuff in my sewing room!! I think my fabric has started to pro-create and multiply.  I haven't bought any fabric in months and I am embarrassed to admit, I probably have more fabric than I will be able to use in my lifetime!!  Of course, if I acknowledge that, then I couldn't ever buy any more fabric.  And that would make me sad.

This week I have managed to take five days to make an 8 Minute Pot holder.  I think I am starting to figure out why my sewing room isn't getting cleaned. Apparently I REALLY am busy as a turtle.
I may work at a turtle's pace, but I do make nice hot pads!

My friend Anne at work,  turned me onto these.  Aren't they cool? My current potholders are ancient and look awful.  I am fantasizing about making a batch of these for myself and another batch for Christmas gifts.  However,  I will have to work at a faster pace than I have this week!!

I also finished this pot holder which I have been puttering with for the last month.  

What's coming up on my calender?  Next is time for the anual quilt retreat of the Quilts From The Bluffs quilt group. The theme for this year, is "UFO's"!!  I am so excited.  I have already picked out my Unfinished projects. Yes! I have some of those!!

I want to complete the Mechanic's Quilt for my son, Mike the Mechanic.  Last year I finished the blocks. This year, the quilt top!!

I've worked on a Disappearing 9 Patch fall/Halloween theme  top for the last two retreats.  Now, I want to sew the backing for it using a cute pre-print and the left over fabric from the quilt front.

Plus,  my friend Anne (mentioned earlier),  gave me her string blocks she had given up on and I want to sew a few more blocks, and combine them together into a top. If I can, I hope to figure out a backing for it, so I can have it quilted. And then,  donate it to my department at work that locates housing for people who are homeless.

I'm thinking of naming this string quilt "Anne & Deb's Grand Plan"

Have sew wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh, Deb - It's so nice to see you back!! I keep looking to see if you have posted but alas . . . Sounds like you are keeping super busy and I am sure I do not need to tell you that you are not alone in having more fabric than one can use in a lifetime!! But what the heck, it makes me happy!! :-)) So glad to hear from you!!

  2. I think a turtles pace is a wonderful long as you are enjoying what you are doing...then I say...just keep on keepin on :)

    Giggles from another turtle!


  3. I am on the turtle zone as well Deb...slow and steady, steady and slow...enjoy! I began today organizing my fabric (what was I thinking??).

  4. I have just nominated you for a Liebster Award. :o)

  5. Hey Deb - It's a couple of days before Christmas - where are you?? Are you okay???


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