Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone Quilting

Hi! I'm off for my quilt retreat. I am taking my camera, so be ready for some action packed or maybe make that fiber packed photo's when I return!!

Until then, keep sewing those bits and pieces until you have something!


Sunday, September 18, 2011


The time is drawing near. My quilt retreat is in 4 days. In "the best of all possible worlds",  I would have already decided what projects I am taking with me. I'll be there for 3 days--Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I will have a large chunk of time to work on whatever I want.  I have already decided I am taking the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt blocks I am making for my oldest son. I am pretty sure I have cut up all the blocks I need to finish it.  The important phrase being "pretty sure"!! I remember cutting what seems like a million blocks a few months ago. So whatever I cut, I will sew!!

Then,  I want to work on my hexie blocks.  I want to make some color coordinated "kits" to work on.  Basically, cut some strips/squares to go with my paper pieces.

Plus, I have been reading blogs about various doll size quilts. I want to make some!! I have several kits but I also have some I have been eyeing in my extensive book collection.  My mind keeps thinking about this quilt:
It is from Kathleen Tracy's book:

I also have two quilts which  need  backings. Not exciting work, but I am planning they will be pieced backings.  And then... maybe my checking account will be able to afford to send them off to be quilted!!  However, I have a very small checking account, so it may only be able to afford one!!

And I some charm squares I bought to make place-mats in this pattern:
Moda Bake Shop pattern
The charm squares are from:
Moda Wildflowers IV 
And I have fabric for making string quilts.
Speaking of string quilts---I saw this earlier today and think it's a fun combination for a string quilt.
It is from Prairie Peasant blog 
Plus, I have about 400 other ideas.  I have never made a list of my unfinished and/or projects I have "kitted" together. That is, those projects I have pattern and fabric...but haven't actually started the project. I don't think I could handle the actual number. It may be more than can be done in a life time.

Do other people have this problem?  More projects than time? I am always amazed by quilters that are able to work on only one project at a time. I seem to always have several in progress.

It is time to tuck myself into bed and have sweet dreams of fabric and quilts!
Until next time, I'll probably still be trying to decide...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Diagnosis: Bronchitis

*Not my real nurse...

After bravely trying to go back to work yesterday,  I came home from work tired but proud. Then about 7:00 PM the fatigue, shakes and shivers hit. It was horrible. I took some ibuprofen, crawled under my bed quilt and thought "this will soon pass ." But, my fever kept going and going...then I was coughing and coughing.  I felt like the nun, Miss Clavel, in the book Madeline

"Something is not right!!"
I rustled around for what ever medicine I could find and finally managed to fall asleep at 12:30ish, determined to see my doctor the next day! And guess what? Not only do I have bronchitis, but he felt it needed more than the usual antibiotic & cough syrup regime. An immediate shot in my bum!! 
*also not my actual nurse...
Actually, the dose is so high, they did it with 2 needles. Yes...TWO for each cheek. 

And then the nurse asked "can your husband drive you home?"
 My brain goes "huh?"  Well, yeah...Quail is able to drive me...why would he need to"
"In case anything happens" 
Happens? "Like what?" 
"Like, you have a reaction to the shot. It's a very large dose and some people react." 
Fortunately, no reaction. Whew. And the shots were much less painful  than the traditional penicillin shots I had when I was a young girl.
So, tomorrow....still have to go to work, to make up hours so I can take off Friday for my retreat...but other than that, my plans are to sit and quietly hand sew and get over this nasty bronchitis so I can go to the retreat.  
Thimble & I engrossed in our novel. Fortunately, I cleaned up all the tissues before snapping the picture!
Oh! And read! I will tell you about my book later this weekend. I have read it once or twice before, but it is one of those I never tire reading.  

Keeping you on pins and needles with curiosity? 
If your household is inundated with football this weekend, like my household(if not, can I come live with you until football season is over?) you might enjoy this little snicker...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Midweek Giggle

 I'm home with a horrible cold and fever. I can't think well enough to actually do any sewing or writing, so I decided to do a "mid week" version of my Saturday Snickers...enjoy!! 

Why don't I get Happy Trees with my fever?

My co-workers on Tuesday...only it was for those with " colds in September"

Maybe if I had been working out for 1 1/2 hours I wouldn't have gotten sick.

I have to admit, it took me a a few minutes to "get" this .  But  then when I  did,  I thought  "I  WANT   a productive cough!!"

Have a great rest of the week...and I will see you on the flip side. Okay...another trivia question...what are the  origins of THAT saying? Does it mean like the flip side of old vinyl records? 

Trying keep my tissues from turning into bits & pieces, 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dork of the Week Award

I need to wear this button, just to warn people....

Yes, I have won Dork of the Week again. It's been awhile, but well, it seems the older I get, the goofier I get.  I guess that means I can expect to continue winning this dubious award. 

Remember that retreat for which I was counting down the days? seems I was off one week. Instead of  being this is NEXT Friday. WAH!! My brain was so ready for it this weekend-- even if the rest of me wasn't. Does anyone else have this problem? I hope I am not the only one!! 

THAT's my many stupid things to remember!! And those do seem to be what I remember...never the  BIG stuff! 

I guess it is actually a good thing the retreat is one more week away. It appears I have finally managed to catch the cold that everyone else in my family has had. I just hope they provide the same sympathy for me that I gave them!!  However, since I live with 3 guys, my hopes are not high!! 

So, tonight post is short and sweet. 
Deb...too stuffy to find her bits and pieces...
Who me?!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

When in doubt...RETREAT!!

Okay, maybe most West Point generals wouldn't agree with me, but apparently they have never been to a quilt retreat!!  I AM PUMPED!! And counting down the days...Friday I'm off to spend three lovely days with my quilting friends at a local camp sewing, chatting, eating, giggling, sewing, chatting, eating some more...giggling some more. Ahhh!!  

Unfortunately, I'm not quite as organized as my sweet sister, Karen over at Hazel Dell Quilts. She has already picked out and packed her "kits"--and even pre-cut many (if not all of them.) Me? Ugh. Is it the last minute yet? I always have great intentions to be all ready. But, some where along the way I get distracted!  I think that also explains my mountain of clutter to organized. Hmm...I am sensing a pattern here and not of the sewing kind!! 

So far, I have MENTALLY decided I am going to bring the blocks for my oldest son's quilt. They are already precut and ready to sew. You many recall many, many moons ago I talked about this quilt.  Click here  for a refresher. Then, I have several kits for small doll size quilts. I am going to pick out one of them.  Plus, my little hexies.  I like to have an assortment of goodies. Some machine sewing, some hand sewing.  Oh, and a book.  It's good to have time to relax. 

We sleep on the bottom level of a bunk bed and everyone brings sheets and a pretty quilt for their bed. I think this year I am going to bring one of my  pretty vintage sheets sets and then either a vintage quilt or this really pretty vintage chenille blanket I found a few months ago. I think it will look cozy! I'll take pictures and you let me know!! 

I'm also thinking of bringing my "Go Baby" fabric cutter to work on cutting up some more of my fabric stash into charm squares.

 And finally, I am looking forward to what should be a FABULOUS package in the mail in about a week. A few years ago, I got one of those "Quilter's Reward" credit cards with the pretty quilt pictures on them. You know, the ones advertised in all the quilt magazines? Well, as one charges with them, they get "rewards." In the past, I have earned some free quilt batting and two books. Lately, I was looking at what is available and discovered one could get a gift certificate from Keepsake Quilting. My heart be still!!!  I drool over every catalog I receive from them. AND I had enough points to get a $100.00 certificate.  After literally, HOURS of pouring through the catalog and their website, I finally decided on what I wanted:

This  quilt kit entitled "Rose Cottage" 

Some "modern" 2 1/2 make a strippie quilt

So, now I am humming: 

(Wait) oh yes,
Wait a minute, Mister Postman(Wait) wait, Mister Postman(Please, Mister Postman, look and see)Woah, yeah(Is there’s a squishy package  in your bag for me)Please, please Mister Postman(Cause it’s been a mighty long time)Woah, yeah(Since I`ve heard from this quilt shop of mine)

My apologies to the Marvelette's and the Beatles!! 

Have a great week!!  I hope to get my One Flower Wednesday entry done this I will chat with you then!! 

Still trying to get my bits and pieces ready to sew,

Day of Remembrance

For those of us in the USA, today is a solemn day. It has been ten years since the 9/11 terrorist attack. For those of us who were alive on that day and old enough to remember, it is something one can never forget. The images. The fear. The questions. They are all a bit of blur to me now, one image blending into another then blending into another. 

One personal memory is strong. I live in a military community--Bellevue, Nebraska where Offutt Air Force Base is located.  I remember listening to the radio as I drove to work in Omaha & hearing about a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers. With shame now,  I remember a feeling of irritation as I was thinking "oh great, that's all that will be on TV tonight..." When I arrive at work,  I learn a second plane has hit the other tower and this is more than just a tragic accident.   I worked part time, so as I was driving home in the early afternoon, along the interstate which exits to my house, I was struck by all the police cars. Could something be happening in my military community?  Shortly after that, I went to my son's middle school. As I my younger children and I waited in our van, we saw a plane flying overhead. What? How can that be? All the planes have been grounded.  I later learned it was President Bush, leaving Offutt Air Force Base. I felt so personally touched being both so close and yet so far to the tragedy.  Witness to an historical event. The police patrol as President Bush was at  Offutt Air Force Base,  literally "down the street" from where I lived-- less than a half mile.  Witness to the President's exit from Offutt and back to Washington D.C. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those families whose lives were touched by this national tragedy.  I know I will always remember. 


Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Musings

To my friends in the USA, Happy Labor Day!!
Heavy sigh. My weekend was not as long as I would have never seems to be! However, I did get a little outdoor decluttering done. 
Last days of my flower bed...partially "decluttered"

 The weather here in Eastern Nebraska was fabulous on Sunday and Monday. So, I took advantage and ventured outdoors to work on my flower beds. A strangely melancholy  activity,  I trimmed away the old peonies which were dying back.  I remembered how beautiful they were in bloom. So bright and lovely; their scent delightful.  Now: withered and wilted. Then with hope, I remember, next spring they will resurface in all their glory!  So, I carefully prepared their bed and tucked them in for the winter. Sweet dreams, my peonies! I will see you in the spring! 
My peonies with their neighbors, happy daisies in spring

A close up of my peonies.
On Monday, the Cluttered Quilter family had brunch with old friends, who used to live almost next door to us. We hadn't seen them in about twelve years!!  We oohh and aawwed over the changes in our kids and how young we look, even though our kids seem to have aged. A good time was had by all!!
And, I did some hexie work.
These little hexies will be winging their way across the ocean to  Celine  at Espritpatch
I hope ya'll had a great weekend...long or short.  Now, I need to work on my September One Inch Hexy swap and my One Flower Wednesday block!!  Guess I better git to stitchin'!!